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08-25-2011, 06:44 AM
I've been doing this the whole time. Everyone kept asking me why I didn't have turrets in the back... that I must be a noob.

I run 2x DHC a DC and a quantum torp up front
2x beam arrays and a quantum torp in back

I use:
HYT I & III - CRF I & III - BO II and Tact Team I
as my tactical abilities

This way I can still WTFPWN for an alpha strike with CRF III and usually HYT I (depending on the strength of the enemy I can always APA and Go Down Fighting if need be.
Then I turn around pop a BO II and HYT III... the BO usually finishes off the shield facing I was working on and then 4 quantum torps out my rear to rip into their hull.

Works fairly well for me. I love not HAVING to be in that 45 degree front facing in order to do dmg.