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08-25-2011, 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by Heretic
We're still working out the entire plan for how to introduce this. As you guys know, we're very tight on content resources at the moment, so right now we're trying to figure out the most efficient way that won't delay rollout of the system to teach people how to use the system.
Well I plan on making one in the Foundry once I've got enough time to get the basics down since I imagine most of the real testing will be balance and checking to make sure passives actually work and assignments work, etc. Videos never truly help folks like me because they're awkward to go back and forth on facts for some people. Having a Foundry mission with Dialog you can read side by side with the interface is much better for those of us who learn better by reading than being dictated to.

The Redshirt beta has a preliminary list of people who will be sent invites compiled, but even if you aren't on it I wouldn't worry too much - the Redshirt beta will likely only be a three week or so head start, then it will go on Tribble where any player can check the system out for another month or so before the system goes live.
I'll give you my wife's dog if you get me in on that

Are there any plans to put a DOff system interface on the STO website so we can do limited DOff stuff even while, say, at work? I realize something like that wouldn't offer complete functionality but just being able to check current DOff assignment progress (or even take on new assignments, within reason) while not logged in would be cool.
I hear it's been mentioned but would require additional resources. However, with PW they may like the idea of say, selling an iPad/Phone app that allows users to do this. I'd pay 5 bucks for such an app on my phone or pad...

The way it works is you have a set of "Shipboard" assignments and "Sector" (actually, sector block) assignments.
Was this changed, I recall you specifically saying each "sector (not sector block)" in a post somewhere in this thread. Or have I finally lost all real memory? The latter is entirely possible.