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08-25-2011, 09:35 AM
Originally Posted by Dank65
Will wonders never cease,

The FEDs get Pengs and thay go unchanged for months despite the crys for a nerf.

Then the KDF get Pengs and not even 2 weeks later they get nerfed.

Now dont get me wrong they need it, just seems funny though and like everyone said "If you want a nerf
to the Peng give them to the KDF and in a couple of weeks they will be nerfed into the ground"

Just seems funny to me.
I think we all expected this to happen, just as soon as the KDF finally got to use their own weapon.

Sounds like its time for me to switch my Hegh'ta back to a proper weapons setup, though having nothing but 'Pengs at the front has left me lots of power to use (since my weapons power has been on minimum) while playing about with higher level science skills, not to mention my shields have been pretty well buffed with the extra power too.

For the record, I'd still rather they never introduced the Har'Peng torpedo in the first place, its been nothing but trouble since day one, can't they just delete it?