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08-25-2011, 09:52 AM
Take a few points out of T1 & T2 stuff so you're at, or just near the minimum to get to the next Tier.

In T1 for example, got 7800 / 6700, so I would drop some to get closer to that 6700 and free up points for the good stuff in later Tiers. I don't think the points in Tac Team do anything, or enough to worry about so free up some there (someone correct me if I'm wrong, just what I've read)

Seems you're going for tanking, so some points in Starship Combat Maneuvers in T2, and Starship Battle Strategy in T3 would help. Take a few of the 9's out in your other T2 skills (very small bonus from 8 to 9, or even 7 to 9 for that matter) and that'll free ya up for those.