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08-25-2011, 10:07 AM
You're on the right path using placeholders, of course. I think however that Cryptic may eventually let us define activities and objectives and add interactive objects (e.g. consoles) but then we may have to lay out our interactive objects into all the possible bridge templates, because an automatic system that guesses where to place a console could mess up the narrative of a mission if the console is put in one spot and an NPC tells the player the console is in another place entirely.

Of course, Cryptic could use a system of location-hints, for example: MED_BAY>NEAR_BACK_WALL and the author could request the Foundry to place the console near the back wall of the player's med-bay by using the proper location-hint.

All this though, is a lot of work and I don't expect to see it before 2012.