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08-25-2011, 11:12 AM
Originally Posted by gaius View Post
I won't let the argument "If it's in the game, you can use it" stand. It's the same BS members of TSI's famous Fringe team proclaim in OPVP and it's just not true. You can griefe in a game, but you shouldn't do that. You can call other players ********s, but you shouldn't.
You must be new to QewQew. Ever heard of "fista f*gs" or one of its other equally unfunny and uncreative variations? Guess where that comes from.

Originally Posted by gaius View Post
You can use Scramble3, but you shouldn't. And I'm still on the side, that SS should be banned alltogether. IMO it's the single one skill in this game that actually makes the game for others not fun to play. If 2 teams with many Scrambles encounter each other it's a total ****fest.

Also: Why is the idea of a PVP Police so bad? With Cryptic's track record of PVP support a Community PVP Police is the only option to make PVP enjoyable. So everyone should help working on some community guidelines to which people then stick.
Let me clarify because you seem to have missed the broader philosophical point. Police yourselves. You can control that. What you cannot control is other people. It's insane to think you can. True honor comes from controlling your own actions, win or lose, no matter what the other player is doing. To cry foul afterwards because you handicapped yourself, no matter your reasoning, is, again, insane.