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08-25-2011, 11:20 AM
Originally Posted by BorrowedTune

does not jive with this:

You assert that FS uses "cookie cutter" builds like everyone else yet we get singled out as "bad" while it's OK for other fleets to do the same, exact thing. Double standard.
Actually the term cookie cutter I mean fleets that try to do the same thing and a) fail horribly at it, b) add their own twist and fail horribly at it, c) try and fit in the rules and fail horribly at.

FS you guys are often imitated never duplicated. Just because your guys "cookie cutter" build is better than ones that try and duplicate it and fail. So no double standard. I will not name other fleets that that in my book are approaching your level because I really do not think its fair to call out whole fleets on the forums it is unfortunate that QEW, LF, and FS has been mentioned in this thread.