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08-25-2011, 11:52 AM
Alright, so I'm finally back to working on Foundry missions. I had run into a little problem when I first started, the problem being the cap on how many missions could be created. Luckily Cryptic has added the option to buy new slots with Dilithium so I can finally finish my missions' story arcs.

I have gotten a lot of really great feed back on all my missions so far and I hope that people continue to play them. I love to read peoples' comments on my missions (provided they aren't just rude) and any suggestions are welcomed.


So, I have now completed two full series of missions: Once Upon A Time and The Ambri Directorate. Please check them out and give me your feedback, I love to know people are playing and enjoying my missions and the feedback I get really helps me build better missions.

I am now beginning work on my first ever Klingon mission: The Rise of the House of Ga'Rugh and I'm hoping that my experience with my previous three Federation series will help me make this an excellent story. Keep an eye out for it!

Also, I have yet to finish my series Mind Games. This is because they were the first missions I ever started working on and as a result I am now not satisfied with their quality. So, at some point, I plan to either delete them and start again, or simply go through them to update and improve them. Once that has been done I will complete Part V to end off the series.

If you have played any of my missions please feel free to leave a comment in this thread.

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