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08-25-2011, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by BorrowedTune
Well, I do PvP these days and I see many fleets. Let me tell you... plenty are using mines, pengs, faw and even SS3. But whatever. I don't care what they use. It's the hypocrisy and lies that annoy me.

You also seem to misunderstand me. Never have I said we don't "police" our own builds. For example, despite popular, fact impaired assertions, none of us are running SS3. I'm saying we don't police other people's builds and QewQew about it.... because that would be... wait for it... insane.
I say go with what ever you want to do in the game if you want to use ss3 then do it its there to use. if the babys want to cry about it and they will. let them. Its all they have to do anyway. dont let it bother you do what you need to do to have fun in the game thats what matters. DO NOT bow down to others that say your a horrable pvpers unless you use these tourny rules that are set up for a one time event. Do what you want to have fun in game.

For everyone else learn how to counter ss3 its not hard to do. i will be happy to teach lessions weekly if need be. Just email me.