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08-25-2011, 12:44 PM
I haven't read all of this thread yet... presently on page 33...

wanted to throw my two cents in on the shuttles launching VFX

What if, instead if Visuals of shuttles, there were audio cues.

you could recruit a few cryptic employees to record short voice-overs

Eng. heavy missions:
"Cargo stowed and Secured Ops, request clearance to depart"

Sci. heavy missions:
"Stasis field holding on internal power, standing by for departure clearance"

Tac. heavy mission:
"Once more into the breech gentlemen"

More general cues could come from your Comm Officer:
(Addressing player) "Shuttlecraft Spock has gone to warp"
(Addressing the departing Doffs) "Godspeed shuttlecraft Omega"

Or your engineer:
"Crew transfer complete, Warp speed available at your discretion Captain."

I'm assuming that you can make references to canon characters without too much hassle, (e.g. naming a shuttlecraft after a canon character, or making a trransfer to a famous canon ship, such as the Enterprise, Defiant, Etc.)

If about 20 or so sound bites can be created, you can play one when a player "Commits" Doffs and resources to a mission.