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Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
Will the various commendation levels have an effect on future episodes. For example, if I am a tactical officer at tier1 in the science commendation, would I be able to complete the science objective for Stranded in Space? Having tiers in the Science commendation could work for the science objectives. Tiers in the Engineering commendation could work for the engineering objectives and tiers in the Military commendation could work for the tactical objective. Might even be possible to have the objectives require a minimum tier like Stranded in Space requires Tier 1 and Mine Enemy requires Tier 2.
Wait. I've rethought this a bit.

What if, instead of a mission objective, you had the option to start a DO Assignment during the mission?

"This is the Captain. Beam over a Medical Team, immediately!"

If the assignment is successful, you get the accolade. If not, maybe you lost some of your DO's to environmental hazards.

I know that's not a near-term thing, but it would be sweet.