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08-25-2011, 02:06 PM
You will be missed WishStone, I hope you can still come back & post a fanfic, or say hi in the forums from time to time!

This has been my favorite part of STO so far getting to know all of your characters & your worlds & how you tick; to not continue these challenges would feel a criminal injustice to me.

But just in case worst case scenario occurs, do not despair, we are still here. We can run it Revo, I've had a few ideas for prompts & I'll bet you have too, we should get as many of us interested in running it as possible to group up & continue the tradition.

We could just trade off every 2 weeks, but if there end up being a lot of us wanting to run the show we could & trade off every week but leave each challenge going on for 3 weeks. So at any given time there would be 3 different challenges going on with plenty of time to do each one. If people can handle 3 at a time they can try or just choose which one they are interested in doing. We could also recycle old prompts from time to time to get people to touch base on their original story or tell it from another perspective like from their bridge officer or a different captain.

The only problem left is how to get them stickied... We could just ask that the library computer & index thread be unlocked & remain stickied & post them all in that one from now on. Or perhaps fanfic should get its own forum, assuming Perfect World approves of that with the new forum rules coming; I don't see why it would be a problem. If I can I will volunteer to do the indexing if no one else wants to share the job we'll see what happens over the next few weeks.

Then the only problem is making sure that everyone keeps it clean, to act out of conduct just because our figurehead is gone would seem dishonorable if you asked me.

But seriously, don't drop a good thing; it has been a really great time exploring this territory with an official supporting the charge, another dev(s) should pick this up! Or, I imagine Wishy will still want to play Star Trek Online & should still be allowed on the forums so it could be run from home! (forgive me, I don't know the specific details as they are none of my business so to ask would be uncharacteristically distasteful for me, if there is a forum or notification I will find it eventually I'm just to busy at the moment)

On that note I must be off, I hope no one was permanently hurt by whatever happened...

If this is where we part ways than I wish you all well, & I 'm sure we'll run into one another from time to time.

Live long & prosper.