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08-25-2011, 04:44 PM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Do you sometimes miss the days when there were no item sets in PvP?

Where you had to choose between 4 base types of deflectors and their special modifiers?
Where you had to choose between 3 base types of impulse engines and their special modifiers?
Where you had to choose between 4 base types of shields and their special modifiers?

Because sometimes I do. I think the Aegis and Borg set have considerably constrained or choices at endgame. You basically need one of the sets, because they give valuable bonuses.
On the positive side, they might be responsible for a kind of "balance" between ship types, as ships like Escorts or BoPs have now ways to boost their survivaiblity with Borg mods or the Aegis defense mods.

But I also feel that I can't do well without the sets. I'd be missing out these powers. So I can't pick a particular Deflector, as, i's not part of an item set.

I know some people still use the Mark X [CAP]x3 Covariants. Maybe they are really still competitiveand are worth losing some buffs. But I am not convinced.

Sometimes I wish that all those special items - sets, tractor beam mines, hargh'Pengs and the like would simply not available in PvP. There would be more choices, and a lot of sources for unbalanced items would also be removed.

How do you feel? All nonsense? At least the sets are item worth pondering about, unlike the regular gear? The special items give us more variety and ensure that the game doesn't get stale? some stuff was good, some stuff bad?
Well, you can mix and match stuff, like you can use Covariant cap x3 or any other normal shield and still have the bonusses, but yeh that requires you to have your Engines/Deflector and Console borg equipped :p

Honestly I dont think that any normal Shield is of any good. Id say either go Borg for regen, or Aegis with Capacity. So you can mix and match bonuses with both of them.

Id like to see some new sets in game with bonuses, so that you can tweak your build even more then you can now. And i dont mean like the bonusses from breen because they cannot really compete (at least not with borg)