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Originally Posted by PhilipG
Barely, and virtually none for the KDF.

It's not for need of another toy, bug fix, or shooting mode. It's this.
But ground was only good for 3/mo space too then it failed failed failed and cryptic decided to revamp due to SWTOR coming down the pipe. Instead of just making space pvp something great they desperately tried to make ground comparable to their competitor. In truth they never had any intent to make ground wonderful for pvp or even space theyíre target niche is pve players. When you understand that you will understand why ground pvp and space pvp was only great during launch. It isnít because people decided to stop quing up they just arenít here anymore. While cryptic and cbs both failed Star trekís pvp base and if you think I am wrong you werenít here from the start. When you could level a KDF player on pvp alone thatís a lot of pvp players that are no longer here. Cryptic understood they fail in the realm of pvp and scrap it hints the no love and careless balancing of almost everything. This maybe due to the premature launch of the game we can only speculate on that. Thrust me this will never be a pvp game because cryptic knows as I do once you have lost a player getting them back is very hard. And a pvp player is dam near impossible maybe thatís why it is easy to justify not doing anything to improve pvp to date. Hay you got to look at it like this. If theyíre already gone and hard to get back how much resources do you spend to get them back. On top of that balancing a game for pvp is more work for a already hard to do job. Well who know PW may make moves to improve what we have here just donít ever think it will be that pvptrek paradise.