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08-26-2011, 07:17 AM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
Remember how many people complained that ESD looked nothing like the ESD that was in the shows and movies?

Same thing here. A poor design decision made back when the game was in beta. (Which means I'm not really going to hold the current employees too responsible for this, but I do still blame the company overall). There are a lot of examples of the game not being very cognizant of details. This is one of those examples. Look at the "Season 4: Crossfire" banner at the top of each forum. Look at that awesome Klingon Warrior, bat'leth in hand. Look at that hairstyle. Doesn't look like dreads to me.


Oh and let's not forget that new Hair Tech has been in the works since season 1. Still back burnered.
Yup, just like everything else on the KDF side of the fence...doubt we'll even get our man-skirts today in the C-Store...... because of Borg delays.....
Dang it, where is my change of hairstyle?.. The dreds clip into everything...not just 1 costume but ALL, they look nothing like regular Klinks...where are our little changes?...they give us a new social zone and leave?...bah... It's not like it takes alot of programming to change a hairstyle.... I hate to gripe, but it's the little things that are most distressing....