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Originally Posted by Forgotten-Nemesis View Post

And Liandras, your opinionated attitude has just fueled the fire while adding nothing:

Funny how a thread about a completely different ship has been derailed by it. I think it's the most hotly debated trek subject on the forums that doesn't have anything to do with STO directly. Personally, I refuse to to think one ship is stronger than the other. I believe that both ships could have equal combat strength.
You are most welcome and prepare to see more of it

I am a person who give his opinion and does not hold back and that is a simple fact and warning for those who do not like it I know it doesn't make me a lot of friends, but frankly I don't care I am not here for people to think I am so nice.

Anyway seeing there is this desire to get back on topic for some odd reason let's go:

The F is well odd for one reason to me, the neck makes no sense, why put huge gabs in there which reduces the ships structural integrity and takes away space that could have been used for anything like quarters or torpedo storage and science labs? So fill out the neck and the thing makes more sense, still won't be my favourite design, but it won't be the instant hate the Galaxy was for me, hell I cannot even watch TNG because of that damn ship.

As for combat power, it will likely beat the crap out of anything in the fleet right now (story wise not game play) technology evolution is at full speed due the war (always works want good tech, go have a war) so I would expect it to have newly designed phaser banks, better torpedoes! (quantums are like 30 years old now, so if not new warheads at least improved ones) and mainly better shields. Starfleet vessels have the best shields only second to the borg, it has been the thing the ships combat wise where known for.

I do not expect much in the sense of science labs and likes from this vessel, it is a ship design and build in times of war so the focus will be on this and the rest it can do, but only average at best. I think when the war ends you will see a new cruiser on the drawing board, more in the direction of the Galaxy in therms of purpose (I just pray better looking).

I do hope that STO will last long enough that one day we will get to see the Enterprise 1701-G (for Good )