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08-26-2011, 09:03 AM
Originally Posted by LittleTerribleRomulan
Yup, just like everything else on the KDF side of the fence...doubt we'll even get our man-skirts today in the C-Store...... because of Borg delays.....
Dang it, where is my change of hairstyle?.. The dreds clip into everything...not just 1 costume but ALL, they look nothing like regular Klinks...where are our little changes?...they give us a new social zone and leave?...bah... It's not like it takes alot of programming to change a hairstyle.... I hate to gripe, but it's the little things that are most distressing....
Oh the klingon update were confirm delayed.

I love to see real klingon hair options in game but I doubt it happen. Past track record indicates the klingon get promise, delays and then most thing put on chopped block. Then more delays then final we get less then 1/2 of what was promised.