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08-26-2011, 11:56 AM
Originally Posted by Liandras
well being able to do some more pvp without crashing (poor laptop is growing icky) I still can't say I feel the effect much on me. On lower levels it can be good because of the lack of BO powers, but at higher level I cannot see the use.

For me my fed cruiser has 1 copy of HE and enough other hull heals to last and my klingon bop has a double copy of HE and also lasts with ease.

half of the time I don't even notice it till it is at like 4-5 seconds on my cruiser, mainly because incoming damage I get anyway so I am tanking it already and the HP doesn't add much more than perhaps the fact I need to use an eng team more often.
Thats kind of my point, the secondary damage isnt overly obnoxious, but it still is something that is to be considered. Its a trade-off.