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08-26-2011, 12:21 PM
Originally Posted by Siyanlis View Post
I rarely quit a PvP match.

A few weeks ago, I was leveling my klink when I got into a PvP match and 3 of my teammates warped out. I persuaded the last one to stay and we had a very nice match that ended 7-15.

A little bonus: one fed congratulated us on staying and taking the challenge on.
Same here (on fed side). I look at these situations as learning opportunities. It's the same thing when people quit FA's. I like to see if I can meet the challenge using more than a finger role tactic. Nothing is better than winning a two on one match unless you win a 3 on 1. You will never have this experience if you cut and run.

I you want to be a top player, these are the opportunities that will propell you to that level.