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08-26-2011, 01:41 PM
Originally Posted by M3w
Ground sci is awesome and easy to play. So make sure first if u have the correct traits (ground ofc) like aggressive/creative/soldier etc. 2nd did u check if ur specced into the right points for ground and the kit you'reusing? 3rd use the kit with Gravimetric Shift Exothermic Induction Field (i guess it was) if you want to do some decent damage.
I know they have some damage abilities, but they pale in comparison to tactical and engineering powers.

Engineering: Mines: 5x 250(unbuffed) kinetic damage + Bomb,300 (also unbuffed) kinetic damage, all that can be just dropped on groups of say borg.


Science: 150ish fire damage (again unbuffed for comparison) + about 5hp/sec (as long as things stand in it)

Call me skeptical, but these don't seem to be on par at ALL.

PS: I don't even need to talk about tactical damage, as really it shows for it's self