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Originally Posted by Sivar View Post
I remember that episode, but don't forget that Ch'pok was trying to goad Worf into attacking him as a move in the trial to get the Judge to side with him. Ch'pok was dishonoring himself in the first place by knowingly trying to get at Worf for his actions and there is no reason to think that he didn't know what he was doing....
Every time we see Worf deal with the klingons we see his crushing disappointment over them not meeting his ideals (since he was raised with a human perspective). Even Worf, however, knows that klingon honour isn't analogous to human honour. When asked about how klingons, who are such believers in honour, could embrace tactics like ambushes from cloak, he responded, "Nothing is more honourable than victory."

Originally Posted by Sivar View Post
You're correct that a true Klingon wouldn't feel pity for his enemies, but that doesn't mean that they'd kill everything or rob and steal. There is more than just bloodlust in the Klingon heart...
To the victor go the spoils. And of course, we've readily seen the Empire conquer planets or cow miners for resources. So we've seen them openly pirating and marauding for profit, even if that profit is more for the Empire and the esteem it gives than for personal gain.

I think you're projecting human notions on klingon honour and trying to apply ideals to it that no klingon outside of Worf (who was raised by humans) never would.