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Originally Posted by Kerrus View Post
The other thing to consider is that a lot of Klingon fans project onto the klinks their beliefs, and it's been going around for such a long time that the fanon is that Klingons are these brave samurai-esque warriors that adhere to a universal code of honour and blah blah blah- they totally don't.

While they might have been modeled off of the Samurai, the Klingons are nothing of the sort. Honour is really a misnomer in this situation- I think a better term would be... oh... Glory.

Seriously, go and substitute every use of the word 'honor' with 'glory' in Klingon dialogue.

the picture it paints is not a very nice one, which is part of the reason why the word 'honor' is used. Honour sounds so much more... noble.

EDIT: If 98% of klingons are 'corrupted' um... well there's a thing called majority rules. If 98% of klingons believe honor works that way, then by all accounts, that's how it works.

Glory... less so.
Every culture defines honor differently. even the Samurai did numerous things that we today would not view as honorable.

I tend to think of the Klingons more akin to the Vikings. Their belief system is certainly closer to the Vikings, while I don't see Klingons as looking down on what we might call "marauding", but I do think they like the Vikings (who just so happen to be named after the act they are famous for), the would have used a different choice of words. To "viking" if you will meant to go on an expedition, said expedition might have included marauding, trading, slaving or even exploration.

I'd rather see a more "neutral" term like this applied to the Klingon form of gameplay because to label it something like Marauding actually limits the possibilities and we've seen Klingons maraud, we've seen them trade (even if not in a capitalistic manner), we've seen them explore, we even have plenty of soft-canon sources to suggest that they have a form of slavery with conquered peoples.