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and yeah, Sivar, calm down. They have to call it something, don't they?
Fair to say, but I can't shake the notion that there will be some mission to go and raid a passenger liner for any valuables that they're carrying that's worth 'x' emblems or w/e currency/xp equal.

Originally Posted by HappyHappyJoyJoy View Post
Every time we see Worf interact with the Empire and it's citizens it's readily apparently that beyond his DNA he's not very klingon.
We see Worf's human up-bringing putting him in conflict from time to time, but again most of the problems that he has was Klingon society are directly related to corruption in the Empire. If he wasn't a very good Klingon then Martok (who is entirely an honorable Klingon) wouldn't have thought him worthy of being in his House.

Originally Posted by HappyHappyJoyJoy View Post
Who's talking about cooking accounting balances? I'm talking about conquering planets for resources (read: marauding). Organia for instance. An encounter involving one of the greatest and most "honoured" klingons of the Empire.
What happened with D'Ghor wasn't due to false accounting, it was because he was using loans, land and property acquisitions to weaken the standing of another House, rather than making a declaration and meeting them in open battle; when this was uncovered and D'Ghor's true quality revealed he was discommendated.