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Originally Posted by Sivar View Post
We see Worf's human up-bringing putting him in conflict from time to time, but again most of the problems that he has was Klingon society are directly related to corruption in the Empire. If he wasn't a very good Klingon then Martok (who is entirely an honorable Klingon) wouldn't have thought him worthy of being in his House.
On this subject, one of my favorite quotes in regards to the relationship between Martok and Worf is this one.

"Sirella is a woman of strong convictions. She believes that by bringing aliens into our families we risk losing our identity as Klingons."
"That is a prejudiced, xenophobic view."
"We are Klingons, Worf. We don't embrace other cultures, we conquer them."
Worf saw too many things through the Federation's lens, Martok could look past that because Worf was a fantastic warrior, and wasn't dishonorable in a weak way. He would also put the Empire before almost anythng else in his life, but Worf was not a "good" Klingon, hence why even in the soft-canon books he never fully integrates into Klingon society.

Klingons are not above "marauding" per se, though they would never view it in the way we view "marauding", nothing about marauding is dishonorable to a Klingon, as long as it is against legitimate enemy targets who they can kill in honorable battle.

Don't forget that this is the culture of the Battle of Tong Vey where Emperor Sompek ordered a city burned to the ground with all inhabitants in it. These are a people much more like the Vikings than like we are today. There is a story of a battle I think it is about Harold Hardrada, where he ordered birds to be tarred and lit afire and released them into a town that he could not take, when the birds tried to return to their nests, they caught the town a blaze and Harold sacked it. This is honorable warfare to a Viking, and very likely would also be to a Klingon.