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08-26-2011, 05:31 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
In addition to bugs we get from QA, I will try to collect some of the most egregious ones reported on the forums that seem particularly serious. 95% of the time, bugs are in fact not 100% reproducible, but are only happening for certain players because of conditions they may not even realize aren't universal.

When I get a breather between regularly scheduled work, I will collect all the info that players have provided, which will in turn vastly speed up the time locating what the issue really is and where it is. This is why when I see an issue on the forum I will ask for as much info as possible, so when I do go in to look at it, it will be faster to reproduce the issue.

As it turns out, this case is one of those 5% issues that does in fact happen 100% of the time. We have now located the issue and are planning on pushing out a fix next week.

Thanx for the background info on why you asked that.

Thanx even more for confirming/finding the issue. Pushing out a fix next week means you were even able to fix it that fast? Wow.