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08-26-2011, 06:24 PM
Originally Posted by Xenor-Nyiad View Post
I'd have to agree with this.
The way there were setup on Tribble is not how they were being setup for Holodeck. QA needs the Red Alerts to fire constantly so that they can test all the missions in all the sectors. This is one of the reasons why we sometimes don't put things on Tribble, because we have a lot of debugging stuff going on that we would rather you not have to deal with (and that we know how to work around). But I felt that you should at least give some feedback to the designers before this went live so I made the call to put it on Tribble anyway.

We've made some updates for this weekends to make the version on Tribble closer to how it will be on Holodeck, so this should lead to less confusion for those checking it on on the test server.

The Red Alerts aren't designed to be end game content (those would be the remade STFs that Gozer is working on and are going to Closed Beta in a week). These are meant to be fun short missions for players of all levels who normally don't get to fight the Borg (over 50% of our player base is under level 21) where they are implemented BETTER than the standard DSEs that are out there and offer good XP bonuses so that there is an incentive for lower level characters to do them when they randomly pop up.

So right now they are exactly what they were designed to be. If you are looking for meatier content, then stay tuned for the updated STFs. If you are looking for more replayable missions - stay tuned for the Borg Ground Invasion zone coming in late September. And if you are looking for more story missions, then those are the Deep Space Nine feature episodes we are working on.

Our 4 content designers are each extremely busy and getting a variety of content lined up for all types of players. Maybe the Borg Red Alerts aren't what you wanted them to be, but to others they will be fun. It takes a wide variety fo content to please a large and vastly different level player set.