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08-26-2011, 09:14 PM
Originally Posted by RAJ_2011
Whatever dontdrunkimshoot, the truth is dan6526 is right.
I want to go on the record as saying, in a more clear manner:

"I do not necessarily think the Sovereign is superior to the Galaxy."

My major point was that the comparison is flawed from the start. While some elements are comparable, not all are. As my dear colleague, dontdrunkimshoot, put it the Sovy is a "kick down in size," though I think it is a bit overstated size difference and the Galaxy a bit overstated, but that is all opinion. In the end, the Galaxy will eventually obtain equivalent level technology (would have in STO's timeframe) and in many ways would be able to outperform the Sovereign in key areas. The Sovereign's edge would dwindle with successive refits bringing the Galaxy perfectly on par--perhaps not in the ways people would expect. In my opinion the Odyssey-Class would then be launched and trounce, from a Star Trek perspective, either ship regardless of fanboyism displayed by either Galaxy or Sovy side.

I really do try to balance all the TM stuff and Show stuff because focusing on one just pulls you out of what IS there. Semi-canon/soft-canon, measuring stuff on the models, size of special effects, all this stuff used as evidence is all well and good, but if you go based solely on one thing, you end up with skewed results.

Consider that every ship class depicted in Star Trek as the main vessel for the show suffers the Hero-Ship-itus. It will be superior, even when it should not be, it will last longer when it should not, and must be the underdog in situations it should not. BIG case in point: the Galaxy-class vs. the Borg Cube in Best of Both Worlds, it did more than the Starfleet Division amassed there, grant it the fight was merely a distraction. And it did it separated, meaning the Impulse Engines and other fusion reactors were the only source of power for it's long arrays, making the shorter ones powered better with the Stardrive section no less.

What if you use Tech Manual info, for Ship-X vs. Scimitar? The TM seems to state that any ship with a relatively long enough phaser array should be okay against it because disruptors and torpedoes shouldn't do enough even in the number there. So the Galaxy should not be fearful or anything with comparable shields/power/phaser array length/output/number of emitters/active emitters (meaning both the Galaxy and Sovereign should not really be that bad off with Galaxy more comfortable). But what ship realistically should be able to stand toe-to-toe to the Scimitar? I hardly believe any ship (other than a hero-ship) would. I find it amusing that the Enterprise was to meet with a small fleet that was headed by the U.S.S. Galaxy herself (see astrometrics before they enter the nebula). What if they met up before the engagement? The Enterprise still would have outlasted the Galaxy for the sole reason that she is the hero-ship. The TM makes fights that SHOULD be one-sided flipped, therefore it can be incongruous with the show. And all this misses the very simple, understated point: it's a story to be watched, for fun.

I think the Constitution-Refit was the best ship in all of Starfleet, but that Connie is old, outdated, and gone. The same happens to ALL ships, even the Galaxy. Just go for the ride, we'll have a new Enterprise, it will be cool, a new ship, that apparently will be promptly dismembered courtesy of the KDF. So I'll captain my Sovy and support the Enterprise-F, I'm going to have some fun, and do my best to disappoint those Klingons.