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08-27-2011, 05:38 AM
I recently replaced a Tac Team 1 with FAW 1 on my character "The Green Monster" and I saw a huge increase in my damage per match. In a good match before I switched out Tac Team 1 for FAW 1, I would get around 100k dmg and about 800k-1mill in healing. Now with FAW 1 on my build, I still the same healing numbers but my damage has increased from about 150k to around 250-300k and I find it much easier to kill people while in matches. I mean all I have to do now is chain my EPS Power Transfer with EPtW, Nadion Inversion, and Tac Team and watch escorts melt.

In conclusion, I would agree that it could still use some tweaking in the damage output department. I mean FAW 1, imho, shouldn't give the big damage boost that I have been seeing in my numbers.