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08-27-2011, 09:53 AM
I have wanted upgraded tricorders and ship scanners for quite some time.

On ground missions, anomalies often lures you away from the objectives
and if you really don't want them you have no way to filter them out.
This is my main reason for an upgrade.

In space (and on ground also) i would like the minimap to plot arbitrary
positions of my scannings. If you see a pattern change in the plot you
probably have ships or lifeforms out there. Lets call this a longrange

As you move in closer, you probably will change to medium or short
range scans to determine precisely what you have in front of you.
Symbols on the minimap will now tell you what to expect and the angles
of the scanning beam will tell you elevation and bearing to it.

A new type of tricorder? A new type of console? Or a brand new
tree of skills? The way to solve it is in the hands of our devs but
I would prefer a skill-centric approach