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08-27-2011, 10:12 AM
I believe that they went for dreads because it still looks more "Klingon-ish" than if they'd given us long but smooth, normal hair. It would have just looked sh... and whilst not perfect the dreads were the easiest solution. Understandable, and bearable, for the time being. As like FerengiQuark pointed out, there are other, more pressing matters that could be addressed first.

I could think of the modelers actually revamping the entire selection once this new "hair tech" (which pioneered with the fur on our veteran pauldrons) gets rolled out entirely. At that point, it will actually become possible to have long hair that doesn't look like a shiny brick and thus totally unfitting for Klingons.

It's just a technical limitation, and they have already been working on removing the obstacles.