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08-27-2011, 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
In addition to bugs we get from QA, I will try to collect some of the most egregious ones reported on the forums that seem particularly serious. 95% of the time, bugs are in fact not 100% reproducible, but are only happening for certain players because of conditions they may not even realize aren't universal.

When I get a breather between regularly scheduled work, I will collect all the info that players have provided, which will in turn vastly speed up the time locating what the issue really is and where it is. This is why when I see an issue on the forum I will ask for as much info as possible, so when I do go in to look at it, it will be faster to reproduce the issue.

As it turns out, this case is one of those 5% issues that does in fact happen 100% of the time. We have now located the issue and are planning on pushing out a fix next week.
Yeah I agree because I had problems with various ships and submitted bugs about it and I got to the point where I submitted them and I kept getting message back to give more info on reproducing bugs and I would give a second by second play by play and still get the same message back. As when I talk about it on forums where I can tell you are reading these messages that is when these bugs I come across tend to be fixed in an expedient time frame.

One issue with the bops I have noticed that has been submitted as a bug could be viewed as a bug and not viewed as a bug. When making certain pets like fighters, bops, etc and you have been in the instance long enough to have created the maximum they support since they do not travel fast enough most of the time to catch up to you when you spawn new ones usually I have seen the most recent/closest to you are replaced. I think some positive feedback to fix these issues would be when you are going to be replacing these after you already are holding maximum amount of pets is set it up so the ones that have been active the longest despawn. Also possibility of giving them the ability to keep up with you because in Pi Canis Sorties it almost seems counter productive at the present to either wait for them to despawn while you sit, or to speed up, slow down, speed up speed down. I also have noticed these pets don't use their skills either and sometimes they will attack for 2 seconds then fly away from the target and sit still and right after that when they recharge from cool down they will be replaced. Although when they despawn like that they are usually the first 2 pets I spawn in the instance.

Anyways thats my 2 cents keep up the good work too