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08-27-2011, 07:22 PM
Originally Posted by RCO
not shocked at all. Another perfect example about how unimportant klingon items are.
You're the type of customer that enrages retail employees.

Look. He's explained EXACTLY why this is a problem that won't be fixed easily. In fact, explained that fixing this one "little" thing will force them to fix a myriad of other things.

It's not that he doesn't CARE, it's an issue of manpower. Just like at the local department store that has one register open and you yell at the cashier about how they should open a new register.

Sorry, they can't. They often don't have the manpower to cover the registers. You can't just say "I want this, and if you don't, you obviously don't care".

Employees don't come out of a "Work-O-Tron" in the back, give them a friggin' break.