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08-27-2011, 09:58 PM
Originally Posted by Wolfpack-NZ
Oh yay!! ther good skill, let's nerf it... Soon thanks to people calling for changes or nerfs we wont have any skills and will just duke it out with phasers...

There is a perfectly good counter to this, Sci Team, if you don't carry that, too bad...
Actually, I carry 2 copies (on my Sci ships), and when hit by a skilled SS2 or SS3, if there is anything else on-screen, 75% of the time, the Sci Team is thrown elsewhere even when I self-target.

If, and only if, the counter worked, 100% of the time, assuming that your ship was carrying the appropriate counter, there would not be a problem (save for maybe the duration) with Scramble Sensors, since that is not the case, adjustment is needed.

Oh... And duking it out with phasers is canon...