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08-27-2011, 09:40 PM
Originally Posted by LordOfPit View Post
Like they already do for social maps, Cryptic could provide us with a list of entities that exist on ship's interior maps. Then we'd be able to attach triggers and dialogs to these entities. It's a lot of work for Cryptic to enter/modify their data and the Foundry, but it's doable.

What I fear would be a lot more problematic, perhaps so much so as to deter Cryptic from even contemplating the feature, is allowing us to add entities to a ship's interior map that weren't there before.

I was re-thinking my original assumptions earlier today, and have come to the conclusion that this issue is too complex for a simple place holder concept because depending on the injected entity and the place holder 3D position in the individual ship's interior, things could look pretty funny, and I don't mean funny HA HA.

Therefore, I guess baby-steps are in order, first allow us to attach triggers/events to pre-existing consoles etc, and then we'll take it from there.
That is the idea behind interior customization. My guess is that we will mainly just be placing NPCs on the established 3 decks. Maybe some areas where we can swap out whole rooms like the Mess Hall. (In that case, it would be a matter of swapping rooms/hallways for pre-rigged variants) and the truly free form stuff will probably come in the form of additional custom decks. Maybe one for free but you can pay for as many extra as you want. (Which means, yes, you could pay to have a Defiant with 100 decks.)