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08-28-2011, 12:41 PM
Originally Posted by gsquaredncnp
Good post, very comprehensive. The problem is you do get a ton of different ideas about the BEST loadout. Your post pretty much covers all the recommended ones.

I didn't see you put reverse shield polarity in any of the builds. I see EVERYONE with this. It's actually kind of annoying, you get someone down do nil shields and bam, full shields. That's why I run it.

I would like to see posts about OTHER escorts. Defiants seem to be the "de facto" choice, but I am in between running the Fleet and Advanced Escort MVAM.
Any engineer in an escort running RSP is doing something badly wrong As an Engineer we have the power unlike others to get in and stay for a good long time, making rotating two copies of EPTS far better in the overall defence.

Than other pillots should only run it in fleet escorts if they absolutely must, in general and EPTE is a better tool for when the time comes for the run part of the hit and run attack.

In general I rarely see escorts use this, instead I do see cruisers run it, mainly tacs in cruisers as they have by nature less staying power than engineers. Beside that RSP these days ain't that great anymore, the only reall use is when you got 5 cannons ships on shield facing, but than you be death by the time it runs out anyway