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Originally Posted by DreadP1r4te View Post
General Tips and Tricks
"My escort has reverse?"
That power is better suited being assigned to your engines, affording you a higher defense score (less shots hit you) and more speed and agility.
What if my engine power already is 61 on the lowest power level setting? :p

Great job on the guide though! I think alot of beginning escort players, or players which have not fully optimized/tweaked their build yet will be most gratified with it. Since escorters and certainly tacticals already are the most squishy, and most underpowered profession of the game. Both Captain skill wise and Bridge officer wise. (If you would simply put and compare every ability on the same level next to each other)

However, I do not believe that one perfect loadout it best for everything and all situations, or if it even exists. There are so many variables in the space part of this game (Not enough for me yet, but...) so there are so many ways you can change an escorts function. Some people say that this loadout is best DPS, some say another build is better for most DPS. Some use a torpedo, some do not use a torpedo. Some lose burst, some gain burst. For me, I use my own calculations to figure out which is best with a specific weapon build and the respective abilities.

I try to aim my escort for the most possible of damage, for most situations. And also the much as possible defense for overall use. (Without losing too much of my damage capability)
Ive made alot of documentations for myself, calculations, etcetera, to see which gear, shields, abilities, weapons/powerlevels/timing are best in terms of Damage/Survivability. So far it has helped me big time
Then again, it might be great for highest DPS output and highest defense possible, that doesnt always mean its the best build for all situations. And i think there is alot more to it then just simple build,loadout,abilities. I think at least 50% of the effort is by the captain himself. The proper timing of abilities, the way you handle your ship in terms of steering, changing your powerlevels constantly, just use the right thing at the right time.

Last but not least, you really gotta go with the theoretical knowledge of this game as it is now. You HAVE to know how the mechanics work to make an efficient build, at this very moment. I see people still using 2x EptW abilities on an escort with full weaponpower (125) which it merely gains you a few percentages of damage boost over the 100% of damage you do. (Yes it would work 6 or 12 months ago, but game mechanics change, bugs get fixed) While you lose a great deal of survivability when you could use 2x EptS which gains you much more defense. ALOT more defense. And alot more defense means longer uptime and calculates back to more damage

Keep up the good work!