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08-29-2011, 02:49 AM
As a Gal-X captain, I'd advise you to go for the Dreadnaught.

First of all, it is very similar to the Assault Cruiser you already fly. You don't really need to respec for it, or change your skills for the build.

Second, the Cloak and the Phaser Lance combination, along with your DBBs allow you to perform Alpha strikes. Not as powerful as an escort's, but they DO surprise people in PvP (the only thing is, you'd have to increase Weapons Power to 125 to get the full effect).

Thirdly, you already have a solid set of Eng and Sci abilities. If you're going for the Jack-of-all-trades style gameplay in a cruiser (something I don't personally recommend, but it's your playstyle...), being in the Gal-R detracts too much from your damage-dealing (even if it is just an ensign slot).

I've also played the Nebula. It might be closer to your playstyle. It can tank almost as good as a cruiser, and your sci abilities will make it a real pain for the opposition in PvP. DPS, though? Not nearly as good as in the Gal-X or the Gal-R.

Last, but not least: there are some rumors in the Engineering Reports about common Fed and KDF missions. If that is the case, then a Fed player with cloak (in a Gal-X or Defiant Refit) will be able to keep up with Klingon players when they cloak (they are all very fond of their cloaking abilities and use them all the time, you know...). Imagine being in the Gal-R or Nebula, your teammates cloak to approach a cube, and you have to get close while being the only uncloaked ship in the area.
I'm not sure about this, but it's worth considering, in my opinion.