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08-29-2011, 04:00 AM
Originally Posted by Jaruslothran View Post
I did not see the OP list that FAW can now miss the target. Before, FAW never missed... ever

So they reduced the time 33% and then added in the ability for the power to miss. That is a HUGE change in performance

I think it is fine now. *with the exception of the cloaked issue*

So it does some damage. It is not burst damage. Damage numbers mean NOTHING in PvP if you can't kill your target. The best a FAW user can hope for is that magical 1 on 1 scenario.... but now with the changes, it is not even close to being what it was before.

It works. It is not OP. Sorry it does damage.. because we all know there should not be a single ability a cruiser can use that should increase damage .. and the damage is NOT burst.. but slow methodical over-time damage.

20,000 Focused burst damge > 40,000 damage spread out over multiple targets.

People focus on the wrong things.
Untill you get 5 of them, then it starts to become a problem. Thankfully the comminuty is good enough that this hardly ever happens any more (who would of thought that eh?).

What is a shame though is that we can no longer use mines anymore due to FAW still being broke and mostly frowned upon by pretty much everyone.

So because one skill is broken it has a knock on effect of other skills.