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08-29-2011, 05:56 AM
Originally Posted by Cuatela
And the Excelsior is over 200 years old. The D'kyr is 300+ years old. Your point? :p
The Excelsior isn't over 200 years old, she's over 100 years old. She was built and launched around 2283/2285, around that time. And the game year is 2409, the original Excelsior went on her first five year mission around 2287/2288.

That would make the Excelsior spaceframe around 124/125 years old and still a reliable spaceframe.

Wish construction in real life was that reliable after over a century, let alone a decade.

As for the Galaxy and Galaxy X, it depends on what you fancy. The Beam Overload skill is almost as fully effective as the phaser lance and Beam Overload 3 can be learned.
Though the Galaxy X is pretty tempting.