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08-29-2011, 09:35 AM
Originally Posted by FurQue
Untill you get 5 of them, then it starts to become a problem. Thankfully the comminuty is good enough that this hardly ever happens any more (who would of thought that eh?).

What is a shame though is that we can no longer use mines anymore due to FAW still being broke and mostly frowned upon by pretty much everyone.

So because one skill is broken it has a knock on effect of other skills.
You know, the same thing could be said of about any skill, when you get 5 SS or 5 GW or whatever. I am not going to use that as a basis of comparison or a justification of the thought process behind the thought that FAW is STILL OP.

Sorry, but is just is not OP any more.

I grow weary of debating this point, but the current FAW is about 50% weaker than the last version, but still better than the starting point, before all this junk began. Now it is not a useless power. I guess until the power is returned to the useless state, the PvP community will continue to whine that some cruiser can have large damage numbers, even though those numbers are relatively meaningless in combat overall.

Furthermore, with all the SS and whatnot in the game, how hard it is it to turn FAW against the mythical 5 man FAW team. Not very....

1 power 1 time 1 use would mess up probably 3-4 of the team each and every time.

So in summary... no, I think it is fine now. I am proud to run it again. It does what it was meant to do and it is not an "I-win" button any more.