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08-29-2011, 10:40 AM
Originally Posted by Tidemand82 View Post
Faw is not fine and ppl who say otherwise I dont understand.

In my Tac cruiser I can get over 300% dmg when my faw is up is that rigth eh I think not
The is a poor basis for comparison. You see, Cryptic made a major error in how things work between damage and defense. With an engineer, FAW is reasonable. But wiith a TAC officer you can stack massive amount of damage buffs at the same time. There is NO diminishing returns model for damage stacking.. but a diminishing returns model for defense.

Of course you can get "300%" boost flying an escort or using a Tac officer or both...

I could as well, if I could stack Alpha, beta, zeta, joe, fred, bob, ect when I fire.

Defenses have to be spread out. Attacks can be mega stacked to the sky and that is part of the massive inconsistency in the whole damage vs. defense issue. Different models for the same part of the game. Not even close to a good idea.

So a Tac officer talking about how much damage they can do... well, duh.

Blame the damage model in general. Basically until they can make 1 unified model between damage and defense.. this will always be the case.