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08-29-2011, 11:10 AM
Even the "evil fleets" (think: Peng and massive SS3) are not using large amounts of FAW anymore. And actually I'd like to see a full team with the current FAW so that we can see how good or bad it is.

I'm not not using FAW because some people don't like it (afterall, it is working as intended; and regarding the alleged cloaking issue: please make a video of this happening in a controlled situation), but rather because it is boring. The decrease in uptime makes it feel underwhelming and ever since the changes to tactical team FAW has a contender for the tac ensign slots.

Is it good now? I don't know. It is impossible to tell because nobody dares using it - and a single FAW cruiser is not enough to get a feeling for it. Even with New Faw™ it took 2+ competent ships with FAW to make the impact noticeable.