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Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
I won't. Hopefully same can be said for you

Well, I appreciate the effort, but if you're not an expert why make a guide? As someone who is an expert, I feel the need to correct you on some areas I feel you've gotten wrong.

Omega is one option, as is Aux2ID, EP2E, deuterium, etc. Also be aware that the higher aux you run the higher your stealth rating, letting you get closer. Don't use MES.

There is little to no debate among the top echelon of players, omega is better for movement and anti-control, while beta is far better for damage (especially for very hard spike damage). In an ideal world, you want to take both. They are different tools for different jobs. What you don't want to ever do is take APO3, since the damage boost is negligible vs. an ABP3 or CRF3. The main reason to take APO is for the movement debuff immunity, which APO1 does the same as APO3.

No, you want 3 turrets aft. Your job is to deliver damage facing forwards, if you are dicking around trying to hit people with rear firing torpedoes you are doing it incredibly wrong. There is little reason to take a tricobalt mine post-nerf, and absolutely no reason to put one on an escort. Beams are a big no-no since they don't contribute at all to forward DPS. You might be able to take a single beam bank in the rear for target subsystems, but I wouldn't recommend it. About the only thing that you might want to stick in the aft slot besides a turret would be a chroniton mine if your team is trying to win via spam.

There is no reason to use FAW on an escort anymore, BO1 for what I'm guessing is a rear single beam bank sounds rather silly. There's some debate to this, but THY3 is generally not worth it vs. other skills you can slot at Lt. Cmdr. THY 1 and THY 2 don't do much less damage, and since they do significantly more damage per torpedo they are actually "burst-ier". THY3 is still the best torpedo skill, but IMHO is not always worth it vs. taking a lower ranked THY skill and slotting something else in at Lt. Cmdr. Again, APO3 is a no-no. Here's a corrected setup.

Cmdr Slot: TT1, APB1, CRF2, CRF3
Lt. Cmdr Slot: THY1, THY2, APO1
Ens Slot: TT1

Again, just stick with 3x Turrets for rear, especially when you only have two DHCs up front creating more need for forward DPS. As far as skills, you absolutely need an ABP since lowering the resistance rating is essential on the BO + THY combo. You want to preload the THY and BO, and you want to "double tap" your BO, so you fire both back-to-back in a short period. Timing the BO is essential so you want to either have your DBB on a separate key, or better yet create a toggle so that you can control whether or not the DBB is firing. For example, on a similar build my keybinds look like this:

Spacebar = fire all energy weapons.
Ctrl+Spacebar = fire all energy weapons except for the DBB.
Capslock = Fire torpeods.

On this type of build you want to be running at least one, but better yet two EPS consoles in order to regen drain from the overload quickly. Here is a corrected power setup:

Cmdr: TT1, CRF1, BO3, APB3
Lt. Cmdr: THY1, BO2, CRF2 -or- APO1
Ens: THY1

There is a bit more leeway on this one to stray from what I would use (for example, you could try 2xBO3) but taking APO3 over APB3 for this kind of build is quite frankly wrong.

No, just no. You have a good reason to hate this build. It's unreliable and only a complete noob would choose to stick a tric in the front of an escort. It might have been viable a long time ago, but not anymore.

Just say no to Jam Targeting Sensors. What a worthless skill. You may as well take Aux2bat while you're at it :p

Look, if you're playing in a premade team or with a healer you don't want to load your escort full of self heals. Your heals are going to be weaker than everyone else's and you contribute to healing by blowing people up. The more initiative you have and the less enemies that are shooting back at your team, the better your team's survivability is going to be. Escorts die when they get controlled, and a few self heals will not change that. You need to take anti-control skills to ensure that you can always face a target and deal damage while keeping your movement and defense rating untarnished.

Here's what you should take for a premade team, or if you're playing with a competent healer:

APO1 (if you can fit it)
EPtS1, Aux2ID1
TB1, PH2, PSW1 (if you're playing an MVAM)

APO1, Aux2ID1, and PH2 can get you out of various forms of control while raising your resistance and/or defense rating. This means that the heals that you do receive from team mates will go farther. Tractor beam is essential since it helps you stay lined up on a single facing at close range (max damage) and drastically reduces your target's defense rating. This helps you to hit more, crit more, and crit harder. PSW1 is a no-brainier if you can slot it in (mvam, bop). It's the best offensive skill in the game, giving you a 4 second kill window. It's a very good defensive skill as well.

In terms of a pugging set up go ahead and load yourself up with self heals. I don't think pugging in an escort is very fun though thanks to the general horribleness of most of the support class players you'll be playing with. When I'm pugging I'll typically take a healer since I get less angry that way

Absolutely agreed. In any ship, using the power levels that each situation calls for is one of the signs of a great player.
Is this a troll post? There is so much wrong with half of what you said, I don't have time to argue ALL of your points, but I will say this: I do consider myself an excellent escort pilot, while maybe not the BEST escort pilot, I am regarded as one of the best, and considering that the builds you disagreed with I've been using since Season 2 with great results, and I have tried things you suggested, I can honestly say that some of your post is full of it. First, the negligble gains from having 3x turrets in the back instead of 2x + Tricobalt are completely overshadowed by the extra power drain from firing 7 weapons instead of 6 fore. The added ability to beat up a shield facing while your opponent absorbs it using Tactical Team, then fly by and drop a Trico on his now unshielded FRONT facing (assuming you were shooting his rear) is definitely worth the loss of the ~200 dps you lose by not taking the turret, plus its so much fun to decisively end engagements this way. FAW is for clearing spam, not for practical use. Other people like to use Beam Target Subsystems with a beam in the rear; I don't per se, but other's do, that's why these builds are included. Unfortunately I don't have time to reply to all of your disagreements, if you send me a specific build I may include it in the thread but so far from experience I do not agree with everything you've said, nor do I agree with most of it at that. I will have to do more experimentation to see if APB is more useful to me, but for the moment with my build APO3 fits the bill more, as its immunity, speed boost, and damage boost are very nice, AND they apply to shield damage as well, not just to hull resistance as beta does. In addition, all of the movement buffs and defense buffs from Omega are higher from Omega3 then Omega1, so there are tons of reasons to use Omega3 over Omega1 when all Beta3 does is a glorified FoMM, which is useful if your target is an idiot and doesn't balance shields. And finally, if you're going to "critique" my guide and suggest changes, don't come across like an arrogant self-proclaimed "Expert who feels the need to correct me." I didn't pick up STO yesterday and decide to write a guide today, I do have a bit of experience, and coming across with that kind of introduction seriously made me disregard half of your posts content because you were far too arrogant in its delivery. However, thank you for your criticism, I will look into some of your claims later, but as of right now, real life calls.