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08-29-2011, 10:34 AM
Originally Posted by Wolfpack-NZ
Oh yay!! ther good skill, let's nerf it... Soon thanks to people calling for changes or nerfs we wont have any skills and will just duke it out with phasers...

There is a perfectly good counter to this, Sci Team, if you don't carry that, too bad...
So I'm guessing you have never tried to use ST to counter scrambles, or even read the "drawbacks" section of the OP? Because two thirds of the time, your ST will randomly be applied to someone else because how scrambles make you switch targets - unless you evasive out of the range of everyone so that it can't go to someone else, placing you out of the fight. Lately, my STs have not even been clearing SS1, when it used to get those 90% of the time, typically only having issues with the higher tier scrambles. The past few days I've actually been switching to boffs without ST because it's pointless, unless I'm being consistently subnuked.