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08-29-2011, 02:58 PM
Originally Posted by Mavairo
My problem with FAW is quite simple.

It breaks the sacred triology so hard that it can make bringing escorts pretty much worthless.

You can super tank and heal, while doing very very high Damage with faw in a cruiser. Said cruiser will be able to out tank any Escort, while pumping ridiculous damage levels during the course of it's uptime. EPTW1 x2, FAW 1 and maybe 2 if you aren't a tac, EPS console, and you're good to go. For tanky goodness roll ASIF3, EPTS3, ET3, EPTS2, and either RSP or ES1 depending on if you are feeling generous to your team mates. Proceed to abuse the Z axis on any poor fool bringing cannons to the fight, and you have a really sorry situation.

Cruisers get to Tank, Heal and Do Heavy DPS all at once, even with this incarnation of FAW. The hardest part about that build, is if you're feeling generous enough to heal people that aren't yourself, and figuring out how to achieve max weapon power, while coming very close on Shield Power, and that last one isn't hard at all.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why FAW's ridiculous damage modifier is a terrible idea.
The basic question to me would be how long can a ship sustain being in FaW ball before having to retreat. In the past there was no certainty of even retreat (meaing the ship would explode almost as soon as entering the FaW ball). If now an escort could last 30 seconds before having to leave the FaW ball and with the setup you described there's nothing to stop the escort from leaving I don't know that's an OP thing because and Escort can do a lot of damage in that time. The same concept would apply to Sci ships vs FaW ball.

I can tell you an alert fast moving BoP can tank a fair amount even without team heals and still provide quality dps/CC. It's awhile since I've flown one, but I can think of a few Sci ship builds which either tank and CC or tank and damage well. Tbo, I'd probably be more worrieda about FaW Sci boats w/Tac & Sci Captain mixes than Cruiser FaW balls.