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08-29-2011, 04:03 PM
Originally Posted by Jaruslothran View Post
Damage does not equal Burst damage.

If you want to do burst... fly an escort.

High damage numbers mean nothing, if you cannot kill your target. This setup just means you will spread more love around..but you won't burst anybody down..and nobody would consider you target #1 in the battlefield.
Read what I said, the firepower increase with FAW is dependent squarely on how many people decide to roll it. In 1 ship it's not bad. 2 ships it is manageable. 3 or more, and it becomes overbearingly powerful.

Hypothetically you could also roll FAWSCI boats, and really wreck havoc with Perma Scrambles, and Shield Drain. But that build gets much trickier.

You don't get nearly similar results from massed Escort fire.