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08-29-2011, 04:27 PM
Originally Posted by Jaruslothran View Post
But that holds true with most any power in the game. Run into a them based team with any power stacked and you can have problems. SS team, GW team..etc. The idea that it becomes overpowered if and only if somebody else is using one too is the same as me saying that 2 ships beating on me at the same time is OP and should be nerfed.

So what, getting hit by multiple ships focusing BO or CRF on me at the same time has an even greater effect. This whole idea that when more people coordinate it becomes nastier is obvious for any power. That is just coordinating a theme. You see it all the time.

So what....

And frankly i will stop running faw, when I can actually see my opponents again. Right now all I can see is fighter, mines, more fighters, photonic fleet, MVAM parts and on and on and on.

Because this PvEvP has pretty much made me play this game like once a month now, where I used to pvp about 6 hours a day.

The community here whines about things that are not broken, because somebody blew them up

They abuse broken powers to get an edge.

Then they come on here and brag about how awesome they are as they community shrinks from having to deal with their garbage.

Look around.. PVP is DYING. And you only have yourselves to blame for the whole situation.
SS III is limited, and SS II and I share slots with excellent heals, giving an opportunity cost. Same thing with Grav Well (either CPB or a Lvl III heal).

Same thing with rapid fire - give up hull and shields instead.

FAWs opportunity cost is tact team, but with ACs you can have those and two FAWs anyways.

Poor argument.