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08-29-2011, 04:46 PM
Last post on this subject, then I am doing better things for another month, as this game is just falling apart at the seams and ****'s PvP is a heck of a lot more interesting than this iteration of Dungeons and Dragons in space.

FAW has been effectively fixed. You whiners here crying about special scenarios and whatnot will never be happy until any power that you feel is different that you like to use is completely useless.

No matter what somebody says to you, you believe you are right. I have heard many arguments and have changed my mind on many things as I have listened and learned in the past.

This is not one of those times I am going to change my mind. Because if you make this power any less, it will be back to what it was before they tried to make it better. Sorry, but that is just true.

Some people cannot be reasoned with. Welcome to the internet.

The power has been nerfed nearly 60% of what it was in the last iteration and you guys still think it is OP.

It is apparently now so OP that nobody uses it as well... which is just a jaw dropping statement at best. This coming from a community of players that will stack every broken skill 10 deep at the first chance they can get then complains about how PvP is slowly dying when people stop queuing up any more.

The game is becoming a stale piece of garbage in both the PvE and PvP department (though PvE had a greater head start in the PvP has raced past it).

Almost every good player has left the game for other games, leaving the so called "elite" to stand around screaming how great they are. Let me tell you something. Your not. Sorry, but there are a lot of better players who stay in the shadows because we grow weary of your garbage and chest thumping. We have nothing to prove and keep hoping for a better game as it falls apart.

It is like watching a bunch of flies buzzing around on the pile of horse apples screaming "I'm number 1".

Who cares?

So just keep listing straw man scenarios about "Well if they do this and that and have one of these on a Friday when the moon is full,.. blah blah blah.".

It does not change the fact that there are real issues that need addressing. None of them found in this whole topic.

Not one.

P.s. I am a lifer and I never said I am leaving. I check the game's changes once a month for a few days to see what is fixed, broke, or better. This month..more of the same, but FAW is now fixed. Have a good month on the horse apple my little flies