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08-29-2011, 03:47 PM
You can buy two different types in the Requisitions section of ESD. The Runabout and Type 8 Shuttlecraft. You can also buy the vulcan tier 5 ship which comes with a shuttlecraft. As well, their is also the Captain's Yacht that unlocks after something like 400 paid days service.

As for the Delta Flyer, you can either buy it outright for C-Store points, making it available to all your characters. Or, you can do the shuttlecraft daily missions to get the schematic after 10 runs, which you then take to Memory Alpha to create at the R&D station. The Shuttlecraft Daily doesn't open up right away, not sure when it does. But you do need 180 general research skill (thanks starkaos) to craft the detla flyer from the schematic you get.

You'll need a shuttlecraft to do it, as you seem to have found out. So, you can do like I am doing now, I bought a temporary Runabout to use to do the missions, which I'll probably end up discharging when I get the detla flyer.

Open up your Journal (missions) and go to the Information tab on the left. Then look for the dialoge about crafting a shuttlecraft for more information.

Make sure you have a free ship slot when you craft your delta flyer. Also, you'll notice you will also have a delta flyer item in your inventory. This is not YOUR shuttle. That inventory item is a Shuttle Pet you get in addition to your actual detla flyer! You can use it to summon a non-combat pet while in space that follows your ship around. If you discard it, the only way to get it back is to either craft a new delta flyer or reclaim it from the C-Store if you bought it there.