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08-29-2011, 03:57 PM
Originally Posted by f(t)
Starting the mission "The Vault" will give you a free token to purchase a shuttle craft (talk to a requisition guy). Otherwise you can buy a shuttlecraft/runabout for EC. You *could* purchase the Delta Flyer for CPs but that kind'a defeats the purpose of doing the mission . And as others stated there is the Captains Yacht veteran award.
I think the only reason someone would want to buy the Delta from the C-Store is to have it unlock on all their characters so they wouldn't have to do the mission and craft it on every character of theirs. If I had more than 3 characters I wanted it on, I would probably buy it from the C-Store. But, 3 characters isn't really worth it to me.

Just to note, the Schematic for the Delta is NOT bind on pick up. You can buy and sell it on the Exchange, so doing the 10 day mission is only one of three optional ways to get the Delta Flyer!